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Week 14 Recap


   Well this week was another great week for not only Revis but the whole team. Final score: Jets 26, Buccaneers 3.

   Let's start with the awful offensive performances on both sides of the ball. Kellen Clemens, who replaced rookie Mark Sanchez this week, didn't have what you would call a good game. He didn't turn the ball over, but threw for no touchdowns and could only gain 111 yards through the air. He finished 12/23. Josh Freeman (Buccaneers QB) on the other hand, threw for 93 yards, 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and finished 14/33. But the Buccaneers ground game was even worse, Josh Freeman was the leading rusher with 21 yards. Cadillac Williams finished with only 14 yards on 11 carries. Thomas Jones (Jets RB) finished just shy of 100 rushing yards, he rushed for 99, and Shonn Greene finished with 41. Brad Smith and Danny Woodhead also saw some rushing action.

   And then there's Antonio Bryant, who replaced Michael Clayton's No. 1 spot. You already know that Bryant can't do that well with Freeman's statistics, and with Mr. Darrelle Revis covering him, and you're right. He gained 22 yards on 2 receptions. And Revis also caught his 6th pass this season.

   Jim Leonhard was asked about Revis after the game and he replied, "I've never seen a corner lock down an entire side of the field the way he has this year". Deion Sanders and Rex Ryan have both said the same in different words themselves. Is Revis going to become the best of all time? Next week, "Rowdy" Roddy White takes on Revis, and the Falcons take on the Jets. This is a huge game for New York and look for Revis to shut out another Pro-bowl receiver.
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Week 13 Recap


   I'm running out of ways to explain shutting down receivers....

   Sorry for the same old same old, but it keeps happening. Terrell Owens scored 31 yards on 3 receptions, so that gives Owens 44 yards on Revis, in 2 games total, and no touchdowns. Revis also caught his 5th interception of the season during this Thursday nighter.

   With a dying 4th quarter, the Jets sat with a 6-point lead, when Revis intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick to seal the victory over the Buffalo Bills. Finally, we heard the program actually praise Revis for his season, which is possibly one of the best of this decade, jokes aside. No survivors have crosses Revis island this season, no survivors, except for Revis himself.
   So Week 14, we see Michael Clayton and his Buccaneers, good luck boys. Revis is now, BY FAR, the best CB in the NFL, Deion Sanders says so himself.

   P.S, nice drop Braylon!!!

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Week 12 Recap


   So, the Jets win for the second time in their last 8 games, giving New York a 5-6 record, after their 17-6 win against the Carolina Panthers.

   I'm not sure if it was just rigged or a joke or if my boy Darrelle Revis is just this great. Steve Smith, WR, Carolina Panthers, 4x Pro-bowler.... you all aware of this guy, I'm not sure Jake Delhomme was yesterday, when he threw the ball to Revis just as many times as he did Smith. Smith finished with 2 receptions for, 2 yards , yes, no typo, 2 yards.

   Revis, along with Smith, caught a reception from Delhomme twice, but Revis actually even got more yards receiving that Smith this game. Revis had 2 interceptions for 67 yards, and a touchdown. Hey, looks like Delhomme has a new go-to-guy.

   Not that that wasn't a great performance by Revis, his best all season, but the Jets defense snapped out of their little struggle they had going for the past few weeks. It was just two weeks ago when they allowed the Patriots to pound them after they'd previously shut their offense out from touchdowns, and they also played weak against the Jaguars and Dolphins. They had started off with only 41 offensive points allowed in their first 4 games, struggled a bit with Miami, and then played well against the Bills and shut out Oakland, and then all hell broke loose.

   Believe it or not, the Jets are still in the playoff hunt. The Jets have 2 winnable games coming up (Bills, Buccaneers), but a challenging end (Falcons, Colts, Bengals). Next week in Revis Island... Michael Clayton. My predictions for Clayton, 21 yards and 3 receptions... Revis 1 interception. Generous enough after Smith's amazing game?
Posted on: November 22, 2009 9:12 pm

Week 11 Recap


   What's new? Sanchez throws an unacceptable amount of interceptions and hardly any yards, and Revis locks down another star receiver. This is a second visit from Brady and Moss and New England.

   Well, Randy Moss became the second man to score against Revis, but it was in man coverage, no more than 2 yards from the endzone. This was Moss' second trip to Revis Island, and this time he only had 34 yards, with 5 receptions and his touchdown. Last visit, 24 yards, 4 receptions, no score, and Revis caught a pass from Brady as well.

   The more impressive thing about Revis is that Moss' two weakest performances were against Revis, and he plays every other team with double coverage, and at least triples his statistics. What does that tell you? Revis is better than your starting CB with another defensive player helping him.... x3. Yeah I see you Nnamdi!

   The only sad thing is, taking away someones No. 1 receiver every time doesn't result in wins....... 31-14 Patriots was the final score. Next week, Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers. I also might add that I predicted on last week's recap that Moss would get 40 yards and a score, that was 34 yards and a score for Moss.
Posted on: November 17, 2009 7:49 pm

Week 10 Recap


   Once again, star receiver, limited to little production, but Jets as a team, fail to win. That is one win, out of the last 6 games New York has played.

   The Jets may need a new man at O.C. Hell, Dick Jauron was just fired wasn't he? Obviously Shottie isn't providing the offensive needs, with the offense which has some weapons.

   But getting back to the defense, the Jaguars put up the best offensive stand any team has against the Jets defense, with 3 offensive touchdowns, yet to be done. And let's not forget that Maurice Jones-Drew almost had another TD on the ground if he had not played it smart, and kneed the ball at the one to preserve time for the game-winning field-goal, chip-shotted by Josh Scobee.

   Darrelle Revis still showed up to play, as he shut down veteran receiver Torry Holt to 2 receptions and only 24 yards. Now let's take a quick look back now. Every receiver that Revis has played this year, was shut down. Their combined average 33.22 yards a game, so basically Revis takes out your No. 1 receiver every time you play, no matter who it is. Actually, the only players to get 50 yards on him both suck (Ted Ginn and Louis Murphy), Revis plays better against players like Moss, Owens, A. Johnson, Colston, Holt, etc.

   Next week, Randy Moss' gets a second chance to survive Revis Island. I predict Moss will get 3 receptions, for 41 yards and a TD, which is very, VERY generous. Follow up on this, and let's go JETS!
**NOTICE** No 'Week 9 Recap' was posted due to a New York Jets bye spot. 
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Week 8 Recap


   Well folks.... I'd love to recap the game for you, but if you want a Jets update on the game and the season...., click here , it's a thread I created in the NFL message board....

   I am getting a little upset but our man No. 24 is still doing it right. Davone Bess, 4 receptions 18 yards, no scores.

   This may be an upset recap to you but the thread is where I posted the most. Next stop, Jacksonville, Torry Holt. But first let's enjoy a sweet bye week to sult about our last 5 games, that include 4 victories, for the opposing team.
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Week 7 Recap


   Raider-rookie Louis Murphy took his shot at Revis Island week 7, and put up a decent performance. He had 4 receptions for 58 yards, the best yard-productive game anyone's had on Darrelle Revis all season long.

   Revis still had another good performance though, 58 yards on a receiver being your worst are some at their best. Revis even caught a pass from Jamarcus Rusell himself when he used his recovery speed to somehow jump over Murphy and make an amazing play. Revis also helped the Jets shut their second opponent out, but this time the whole Raiders-team was shut to no points (the other team being the Houston Texans who scored 7 points on a defensive play).

   The Jets had another 300-yard rushing game, the only team since the 70's to have a 300-yard rushing game on back-to-back performances. The Jets did this without Leon Washington, who was taken out of the game unfortunatley due to a leg-injury. Washington couldn't walk off the field, hence having his leg shaped like a U for a split-second.

   The next visitor to Revis Island will be Ted Ginn once again. The Jets will look to score a victory this time and put up a stronger defensive stand, better than the last time they met (the Dolphins being the only offense to muster up more than 17 points on the Jet defense).
Posted on: October 18, 2009 11:29 pm

Week 6 Recap


   Alright, so future Hall of Famer Terrell Owens made a visit to Revis island week 6, and Sanchez played downright awful, even with the 300 yard run support from Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.

   Before I tell you how horrible T.O. did, let's look at some interesting stats. Thomas Jones, 210 rushing yards (he broke his career longest rush on back-to-back runs [66 yard rush then 71]) and one touchdown. Leon Washington, 99 rushing yards. Those two by themselves you think would win the game, well Sanchez threw for 119 yards, and 5 INT's (not to mention Steve Weatherford had a terrible f-up and threw a pick as well). This kept Revis and the defense on the field for at least 3 quarters of play, plus the game went into O.T., You think that would affect the defenses play. Think again.

   Only 16 points were scored against them, and Revis once again shut down a big-name receiver in Terrell Owens, who had 3 receptions, no touchdowns, and get ready to laugh.... 13 yards. Owens was giving Revis sh/t all game too, and got embarrased. A portion of that 13 yards came off of a screen pass which had Revis out of Owens' viscinity at the time of the reception.

   Unfortunatley the Bills won 16-13 in overtime, great defensive game for the Jets, and a lucky defensive game for the Bills, who won by a field goal off of 6 turnovers through the air. An A++ for Revis this week.
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