Posted on: December 3, 2009 11:27 pm

Week 13 Recap


   I'm running out of ways to explain shutting down receivers....

   Sorry for the same old same old, but it keeps happening. Terrell Owens scored 31 yards on 3 receptions, so that gives Owens 44 yards on Revis, in 2 games total, and no touchdowns. Revis also caught his 5th interception of the season during this Thursday nighter.

   With a dying 4th quarter, the Jets sat with a 6-point lead, when Revis intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick to seal the victory over the Buffalo Bills. Finally, we heard the program actually praise Revis for his season, which is possibly one of the best of this decade, jokes aside. No survivors have crosses Revis island this season, no survivors, except for Revis himself.
   So Week 14, we see Michael Clayton and his Buccaneers, good luck boys. Revis is now, BY FAR, the best CB in the NFL, Deion Sanders says so himself.

   P.S, nice drop Braylon!!!

Posted on: October 18, 2009 11:29 pm

Week 6 Recap


   Alright, so future Hall of Famer Terrell Owens made a visit to Revis island week 6, and Sanchez played downright awful, even with the 300 yard run support from Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.

   Before I tell you how horrible T.O. did, let's look at some interesting stats. Thomas Jones, 210 rushing yards (he broke his career longest rush on back-to-back runs [66 yard rush then 71]) and one touchdown. Leon Washington, 99 rushing yards. Those two by themselves you think would win the game, well Sanchez threw for 119 yards, and 5 INT's (not to mention Steve Weatherford had a terrible f-up and threw a pick as well). This kept Revis and the defense on the field for at least 3 quarters of play, plus the game went into O.T., You think that would affect the defenses play. Think again.

   Only 16 points were scored against them, and Revis once again shut down a big-name receiver in Terrell Owens, who had 3 receptions, no touchdowns, and get ready to laugh.... 13 yards. Owens was giving Revis sh/t all game too, and got embarrased. A portion of that 13 yards came off of a screen pass which had Revis out of Owens' viscinity at the time of the reception.

   Unfortunatley the Bills won 16-13 in overtime, great defensive game for the Jets, and a lucky defensive game for the Bills, who won by a field goal off of 6 turnovers through the air. An A++ for Revis this week.
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