Posted on: November 1, 2009 7:16 pm

Week 8 Recap


   Well folks.... I'd love to recap the game for you, but if you want a Jets update on the game and the season...., click here , it's a thread I created in the NFL message board....

   I am getting a little upset but our man No. 24 is still doing it right. Davone Bess, 4 receptions 18 yards, no scores.

   This may be an upset recap to you but the thread is where I posted the most. Next stop, Jacksonville, Torry Holt. But first let's enjoy a sweet bye week to sult about our last 5 games, that include 4 victories, for the opposing team.
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Posted on: October 15, 2009 8:52 pm

Week 5 Recap


    Ted Ginn and Chad Henne and their Dolphins now trying to make something happen.

    Alright, Ginn was the only receiver so far to survive Revis in 2009. He scored a touchdown against him, first to do so. His statistics were decent, only 2 receptions but for 57 yards and yes, his touchdown. Kudos to Ginn for doing this against what may be the best cornerback in the NFL. But the scarier and more important thing is that my NY Jets now have 2 losses of our last 2 games...

    So the Saints defense held Terrell Owens to no receptions, you guys remember? So maybe Revis can duplicate this. Well don't expect that, but don't expect more than 40 yards out of the guy, trust me don't. See ya in week 6 Bills (the team who could only score 3 points against Cleveland).

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