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Posted on: November 22, 2009 9:12 pm

Week 11 Recap


   What's new? Sanchez throws an unacceptable amount of interceptions and hardly any yards, and Revis locks down another star receiver. This is a second visit from Brady and Moss and New England.

   Well, Randy Moss became the second man to score against Revis, but it was in man coverage, no more than 2 yards from the endzone. This was Moss' second trip to Revis Island, and this time he only had 34 yards, with 5 receptions and his touchdown. Last visit, 24 yards, 4 receptions, no score, and Revis caught a pass from Brady as well.

   The more impressive thing about Revis is that Moss' two weakest performances were against Revis, and he plays every other team with double coverage, and at least triples his statistics. What does that tell you? Revis is better than your starting CB with another defensive player helping him.... x3. Yeah I see you Nnamdi!

   The only sad thing is, taking away someones No. 1 receiver every time doesn't result in wins....... 31-14 Patriots was the final score. Next week, Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers. I also might add that I predicted on last week's recap that Moss would get 40 yards and a score, that was 34 yards and a score for Moss.
Posted on: October 15, 2009 8:29 pm

Week 2 Recap


    After Andre Johnson comes probably one of the only people considered as good and if not better than Johnson himself, Randy Moss. With a healthy Brady throwing to the guy, who would have thought anyone could hold his number one target to under 75 yards.

    But 75 yards is nothing, Revis tripled that when he held another one of the leagues finest to 4 receptions and a disappointing 24 yards, and no touchdowns. Revis even caught a pass from Brady himself that afternoon. Looking back, the Jets defense in general shut Brady and his offense down when they became the first team since 2006 to hold the Patriots offense to no offensive touchdowns all game. When New England faced the Bills the game before, Moss had 14 passes completed to him, with a total of 141 yards.

    Well there you have it, Revis once again shows how he is basically the new Nnamdi x2. The next visitor... Justin Gage.
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